Raising brand awareness to attract new clients

Attracting new clients at the very start, when you’re barely known, or are trying to enter a new industry sector or introduce a new discipline, is a tough thing to achieve. You know you have to focus on raising brand awareness but are unsure where to start.

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do.

You are unknown – so how can you change this?

Your target market doesn’t know you at this stage. They don’t know what you do, how you do it, or, most importantly, how you can help them.

It’s time to focus on raising the awareness of your brand to attract your first clients.

You can accomplish this by researching and identifying your ideal clients and your target market. Then you have to learn where and how to target them with your marketing efforts.

It’s crucial to target the clients who are realising that they have a business challenge that only a firm like yours can resolve. With this type of client, you need to use the right marketing to influence their awareness of the issues facing their firm – their pain point. That’s why your target market needs to be businesses that are facing a challenge that they need to start taking seriously and you provide the panacea.

How to influence your target market

Influencing your target market to reach a decision that will connect them to you is almost an art. The right kind of marketing for this is the one where you first properly research this audience. You need to learn who they are and what they need. Most importantly, you have to truly grasp the problems they have so that you can position yourself as an industry leader who can help them and fix these problems.

The key thing here is to understand their pain points. By doing that, you will learn to speak their language and position yourself as someone who is able to guide them on their buyer’s journey. You will become someone they want to hire – they won’t need to look for anyone else.

Once you do that, all that’s left is to influence them on the right channels with the right content. The channels won’t be hard to find because you’ll already know where your target market is. The only thing left is to develop the content for your marketing efforts.

The content needs to be short and punchy, speak to them in their own language AND make sense. You only need to raise an eyebrow, spark their interest, not get them to commit at the outset. Your potential clients only need to notice you at this stage and view you as someone who might be able to fix their problems. All of this can be achieved through educational content, made in a way that will resonate with them – be it videos, podcasts, social media shares, blogs, or infographics.

You need to prepare because you’ll need a campaign, rather than a single action, to raise awareness and build your brand profile.

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