• “Lyndal was engaged by Babcock ANZ to assist in professionalising our marketing strategy and to oversee execution. Lyndal has significant knowledge and has been a real asset to the business. I would recommend Lyndal to other businesses needing marketing support especially where they have no existing online presence or digital marketing campaign.”

    Graeme Nayler, Corporate Development Director at Babcock
  • "I engaged Lyndal to assist with our Marketing and overarching Business Strategy at the recently formed Investment Attraction South Australia. The Agency was formed late last year and many items such as these plans were pushed through so that the agency could be up and running creating jobs for South Australians. Lyndal worked on the content and provided the necessary links so that both documents were able to relate to one another whilst providing informative and useful content that could be used in the day to day activities of the agency. The outcome provided was a marketing plan that had strong links to the business plan, with strategic content that is used and reviewed at regular intervals. The quality and time to complete the tasks were exceptional, compared to many larger organisations.

    Craig Burton, Marketing and Communications Manager, Investment Attraction South Australia
  • “The Thought Leadership Initiative demonstrates, time and time again, the ability to accurately and very specifically define the marketing and business development issues that a business is struggling with. The Thought Leadership Initiative thrives on the challenge of developing the right processes and putting in place the resources required to achieve your business objectives. Their insights, frank and robust assessment methods, enthusiasm and dedication to accountability will help you generate results.”

    Kishen Vijayadass, Partner, BDO
  • “As the momentum around new business opportunities continues to go from strength to strength, the Thought Leadership Initiative fulfils an important piece in our ecosystem. Profiling thought leaders, supporting them to build their personal brand and own their market will help develop and inspire and generate the leaders of tomorrow.”

    Matt Salier, Director, New Venture Institute
  • “The TLI has supported us with a number of initiatives that support us in delivering relevant and topical insights for our clients”.

    Anne Charlesworth, Associate Director, Business Development and Marketing, BDO ECP
  • “As a consultant, Lyndal fully immerses herself into the culture of the business she is working with and becomes one with the team. Orthopaedics SA has benefited from her dedication and enthusiastic approach. While as General Manager I have benefited from the role Lyndal now plays as a trusted strategic advisor to both me and the surgeons.”

    Nicole Sykes, General Manager Orthopaedics SA
  • “Lyndal is an experienced marketing and business development specialist. Her expertise in professional services marketing provides valuable insights for in-house marketing teams, senior management and Directors. At BDO SA, we have engaged Lyndal for several large projects including strategic content development and review, brand management, and large scale advocacy projects. We trust Lyndal to always deliver and have appreciated her ability to provide value beyond our expectations.”

    Sarah Davies, Marketing Manager at BDO
  • “I like the approach and work ethics of The Thought Leadership Initiative. I find it very professional and, backed up by corporate experience, makes The Thought Leadership Initiative’s advice particularly helpful. I'm very happy with the case studies and the overall process of the service. They do what they said they will do and keep me updated throughout the projects. The Thought Leadership Initiative definitely went beyond what we agreed on.”

    Dmitri Voronenko, Owner, Virtual Integrity
  • “The Thought Leadership Initiative was contracted to deliver best practice profiles for all partners across BDO Australia. The project involved researching the presentation of profiles in other similar and aspirational firms, developing an understanding of factors impacting client decision making, and crafting a new profile format. The result delivered a new profile format and ‘how to’ guide, creation of standard terminology to align with market requirements, and writing of all partner profiles.”

    Janet Glasper, National Head of Clients & Markets, BDO
  • “How refreshing to have found a business consultant and mentor who asks the relevant questions, cuts through the haze and hones in on what's important. From the first meeting, Lyndal was able to understand our complex business position so quickly. Lyndal "heard me". She is talented, professional and I recommend Lyndal as a business consultant without hesitation.”

    Sue McKay, Owner, Kick it to me
  • “The Thought Leadership Initiative has been instrumental in assisting BDO East Coast Partnership launch its annual performance benchmarking initiative. The initiative is a firm-wide client satisfaction survey involving complex stakeholder management obligations in addition to a meticulous reporting and communications campaign.”

    Aneeka Vaidya, Clients and Markets Manager, BDO East Coast Practice
  • “I had the pleasure to work closely with Lyndal as the Co-Chair of the Asia Pacific Legal Services Marketing Association- SA Committee. I have always found Lyndal to be a wealth of information regarding business development and strategic development, especially in the professional services sector. Additionally, Lyndal is organised, pragmatic and a developed communicator with strong management skills.”

    Sharon Pitardi, Marketing and Communications Manager, Wallmans Lawyers and previous co-chair APSMA SA
  • “Lyndal professionalised our approach to marketing, implementing a consistent approach to our branding across the company, in our media releases, sales proposals and client communications. She was instrumental in the R&D behind commercialisation of new products and implementing the marketing for them.”

    Stephen Blacketer, Managing Director, Morton Blacketer
  • “The Thought Leadership has provided excellent support for the BDO team with the Fast Movers program in 2014. Lyndal's creative flair and friendly disposition, along with her strategic experience, particularly in the interview process, has provided business development opportunities for BDO partners. Her resourcefulness and efficiency also means, her deadlines are always met and she definitely prides herself in the quality of her written work. Our team enjoy working with Lyndal and we would definitely recommend her to other companies.”

    Steve Fimmano, Lead Partner – Private Clients, BDO
  • "The Thought Leadership Initiative worked with TEC to deliver monthly thought leadership resources. This involved attending presentations...Presenter profiles were written and created as a brochure for business development. The brochure matches the presenter, and their presentation, with member benefits. Both resources support a new member attraction and retention strategy, with personal and online implementation.”

    Keith Brooks - Mentor Chair SA, Chairman TEC 29, Key 113, Key 121
  • “Lyndal provides expertise, a great sounding board, logic and she just generally great to work with. Lyndal has assisted our NSW and VIC firm at BDO with multiple projects that cover innovation, pitching, brand, and client listening and has also developed well written reports. I’d highly recommend Lyndal and look forward to working with her in the future.”

    Anne Charlesworth, Associate Director, Business Development and Marketing, BDO ECP
  • "The Thought Leadership Initiative worked with TEC to deliver monthly thought leadership resources. This involved attending presentations and recreating the learnings as an actionable resource for members. Each of these resources included an overview of the presentation, implementation steps and tips for ‘getting it right’. Members read the presentation resource and implemented the actions in their workplace."

    Keith Brooks - Mentor Chair SA, Chairman TEC 29, Key 113, Key 121
  • Thank you so much for your time today. You've given me some really good ideas on where to start networking and how best to get my name out there. This is especially helpful when I've relocated back to Australia after living in London for more than a decade.

    Kate Windebank, Founder & CEO, Kate & Co
  • Lyndal has assisted Ethos Media on a number of projects. Acting as a conduit between the creative services that our business provides and highly complex technical content from the client. She bridges the gap effortlessly and always ensures that both parties are suitably briefed for delivering the project effectively. I think this is a rare and valuable skill. Furthermore she is always willing to respond to queries and provide ‘on-the-spot assistance’ in a friendly and efficient manner. Her input into our work enables Ethos to take design projects to the next level. Its pleasure working with Lyndal.

    Caspian Batory, Ethos Media
  • Lyndal is an experienced strategic messaging expert who provides smart advice quickly. I found her clarity to be very helpful when communicating a complex and nuanced message. I recommend Lyndal without reservation.

    Tom Hajdu, Chief Innovator of South Australia