Looking into the future

You’ve probably noticed how one of the top buzzwords on the Internet is mass personalisation. Every marketer is talking about it, but it seems to me that most fail to notice that the concept itself is an oxymoron! I mean, just think about it, how can you do personalised marketing on a massive scale? You would need an enormously in-depth CRM to capture all sorts of information and behaviours.

Even though that remains the case, one thing is still certain – real interpersonal skills are the clear ‘stand out’ in taking a personal approach. Mass personalisation stems from this, and it’s important to remember that even though we live in an online world, real-life skills are far more critical than many care to admit.

What’s more, when we think about the careers of the future, we often think of technical training. However, we believe that interpersonal and communication skills will be highly sought after. They will continue to matter in the future, and they may even become more important than they are now.

That’s precisely why marketing will be one of the core skills professional service firms will need to have in the coming days.

What may your future firm look like?

Your future firm will all be about how you efficiently deliver your services and how people and their skills add value where automation, mass customisation and outsourcing cannot. It will also be about how your communicate this value and who you communicate it with.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the primary skills your team will need to have to stay at the top in the future:

The bottom line

All in all, the firm of the future is not so different from the one of today. If you manage to incorporate the skills we discussed, you are very likely to reach and stay at the top of your field.

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