Why are you afraid to talk about it?

It’s a good question, isn’t it? So many firms have managed to create a unique and defensible specialisation, but they are afraid to talk about it. They don’t use it in their marketing efforts, and they miss out on a great chance to further grow their profile and win more business.

Is this the case with your firm? Is your firm afraid to talk about what they do for fear of being copied by competitors or being judged by others? You shouldn’t be! Sharing an idea doesn’t mean it will be stolen effectively. After all, it’s the implementation, not the idea, that will really set you apart. Your niche is what differentiates you and what your clients are looking for in a firm like yours. The same goes for potential clients, and they are looking for a firm that knows their business and knows their problems better than others.

It’s time to spice up your bland marketing and focus on your niche.

Why niche marketing matters

Top-tier professional services firms can afford to use generic or all encompassing marketing because of their dominant position and well recognised brand. However, the rest of the sector needs to do better and needs to hire marketing professionals who can support effective strategies.

Niche marketing differentiates small businesses, and it encourages potential clients to hire you. Most clients, no matter the industry, will state that they mostly want niche expertise from a company they are looking to hire. It’s the deciding factor because that’s precisely what will get their business to improve. If they want to hire someone, they want to make sure they will hire someone who knows their business, the industry, and what needs to be done to bring them to new heights.

The key is personalisation. Clients want personalised service today, as the market is oversaturated, and they want to stand out. They want you to know them, their business, and, most importantly – what their needs are. The thing is, no matter how much we feel that social media and online is taking over our lives, the point of it all it to enable improved connections and personalisation.

Stop being afraid and start changing things

The key for you is to stop being afraid of what you know you can do. Most of our clients tell us the same thing before they hire us. They all know that they can separate themselves; they are not doing it for fear of appearing like a bad business or being copied by others.

However, all of that leads toward being like any other business in the industry. It leaves you with consistently doing a disservice to your firm.

It’s time to revamp your branding. It’s time to focus on creating a new and improved website, social media promotion, a better logo, some new colours, a whole visual identity for your firm, and a great message.

The solution can be found in selling how you can contribute to a client’s business, not how you can do an excellent job for them. However, you need to go beyond as well. You need to demonstrate a genuine interest in their sector as well by being involved in it as much as you can.

All in all, it’s time to stop copying the big guys and let marketers do their jobs. Leave the marketing to the professionals and focus on becoming the thought leader of your industry.

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