How video marketing is becoming more important to firms

The internet has shifted power in the market from the supplier to the consumer. This is as true for professional services firms as it is for any other industry. Consider how many options potential clients have at the click of a couple of buttons and a search on Google. Consider how many rate and compare sites there are and free templates or service kits that clients can use to potentially replace your advice (or at least a part of it). It’s easier than ever for potential clients to get instant feedback on your firm, practitioners and results, so web marketing is now more important than ever before.

While the written word is still amongst the top ways for any firm to reach out to clients, there’s a huge opportunity for law firms to engage through video marketing. Over 50% of people watch videos every day on the internet, and many prefer this format over reading. For those on phones, video is often preferable to the written word, as it can be difficult to read long articles on a smaller screen.

There are more options available to clients and making information accessible is key. Video marketing is one way firms can stand out from the crowd.

Using video marketing to your advantage

Providers of professional services are highly specialised. You frequently share your knowledge with others that have only have a rudimentary understanding of your specific expertise. It’s important for you and your firm to be able to describe your services in a way that is relatable to your clients. Videos engage sight and sound, and have the potential to connect with your audience far more than words alone. Engaging multiple senses makes it easier for your firm to convey your message. It’s simply good practice in communications.

Video is also a great way to let clients know that you understand their problems and are well equipped to solve them.

How to use video marketing to help your firm

There are many ways in which your firm can benefit from marketing your services using video. Video is accessible, easy to share over social media platforms and easier to engage on these platforms too. As opposed to having to link to a blog, a video can be embedded directly in a post, meaning your viewer would not have to leave the site to watch the video. This can be especially impactful on mobile devices.

Video can be used to provide training (internal and for clients), provide news updates, explain new approaches and technologies, interview clients, provide insight into your culture and the way you work with clients – the opportunities are endless.

You’ll be riding the wave of the future

According to Google, retail firms have used video marketing to increase their sales by 70%. While thinking like a retailer hasn’t been on the horizon for many professional services firms, learning from other sectors is one way to keep ahead of the curve. The internet has fundamentally changed how potential clients consume information, make their choices and find services they need.

It’s time to wax your board and get into the water. Firms must ride the wave to access and connect with the markets you need to grow.

With the landscape changing every day, a firm like The Thought Leadership Initiative can help your law firm attract more clients.

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