The role LinkedIn has in recruitment marketing

LinkedIn is often used as a recruitment tool by many recruiters today. However, we are here to tell you that it’s also a great marketing tool to attract new team members too – and you don’t have to be a Gold member or recruiter subscriber to do so. That’s because many professionals are Following firms on LinkedIn, learning about them, seeking inspiration and potential new employers – they’re looking at your Business profile and you can use it to attract talent and evidence your culture!

When talented prospective staff members look for a job, they almost always check LinkedIn profiles of the firms they are applying to or are planning to apply. They always do a thorough search that also involves your website and other social media channels, but LinkedIn is the one they look at the most. That’s because LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for professionals in all fields and industries.

What prospective staff members want to know about you

When potential staff members are looking at your LinkedIn page, they want to see how busy you are:

If you want to attract the top talent, they’ll be seeking this kind of information. They might even go as far as to examine your connections and team members. That’s because they want to know if you have any leading experts who are aligned with their expertise. They want to see if they will relate well with your team. If not that, then they want to see whether or not they know some of these staff members or if they know something about them. This can help them realise if they will fit into the culture and environment you have.

You need to think about all of this when curating your feed.

How to use LinkedIn in recruitment marketing

When your main goal is to attract the top talent to your firm, one way is to let your thought leadership act on your behalf. If done properly, it can showcase your expertise among all the competitors on the market. It can be your main differentiator.

It’s not easy becoming the thought leader in your industry, but it can be done. It can especially be done on LinkedIn. It’s the best place to showcase your expertise and to prove to your potential staff members that you are the right place for them.

Start by testing out your content there. Learn what your prospective staff members want to see from you through trial and error AND asking new recruits what attracted them to your business.. And eventually, you’ll find out exactly what you need to showcase on your LinkedIn page that will attract the top talented individuals to your firm.

And if you want to find out more and get some details that are bound to help you achieve this, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you become the thought leader of your industry.

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