How to prove that you’re the right advisor

Near the end of any client’s road to hiring a professional services firm is when they need to choose the exact firm with which they’ll cooperate. When you get to this stage, you start to communicate with the potential client directly, and they are beginning to consider you as their choice.

However, the problem at this stage is that they might decide that you are not the right choice for them. To avoid that, you need to prove that you’re the right advisor. Today, that’s precisely what we’ll discuss – how to prove to your potential clients that you are the right advisor.

You are their choice; they just don’t know it yet!

When most clients start deciding which firm is the right choice for them, they will start asking many questions. They always want to know more about your experience and expertise, as these will show them that you can solve the challenge they have. Thus, they will ask about past projects, your timeline, and if you’ve already dealt with situations like theirs.

That’s precisely why most experts suggest that in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and relevant experience are the main factors that get clients to choose a specific firm.

Now, all of this sounds great, but how do you prove that you have all that experience and knowledge they need you to have?


The keyword here is validation. You need to validate your claims and prove that you are the right choice.

The process of validation can be achieved in many ways, but it boils down to building credibility in advance and differentiating your service from your competitors’.

To achieve that, your business development and sales teams need to be able to present a consistent brand message that differentiates your firm from others. By doing this, they can also manage to present a compelling value proposition. However, they also need to have proof of all this.

That’s where case studies and testimonials can be of great help.

Testimonials are our top choice because they are the best way to show that you have both experience and knowledge, and these are the top choices for potential clients when searching for proof. Testimonials show them that you’ve already accomplished a lot for clients like them, and that’s all they want to see.

Besides the case studies we’ve mentioned, you can also focus on external influences to build credibility like winning awards, speaking at industry events, and gaining approval from people outside of your business.

Social proof, of course, also means a lot. Never omit testimonials because they are the social proof most people want to see and the one they believe the most.

By having the relevant experience, testimonials, and every other form of proof you can get, you will be well-positioned as a thought leader in your field. Then your clients will have all the evidence they need to decide to hire you.

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