Does that hurt? Yes!

We’ve often noticed that many of our clients have the same problem – their potential clients don’t see a need for hiring them. The problem with this usually lies in a lack of awareness of why they need a solution or any assistance at all. And if they did need assistance, they may not understand that help is staring them in the face!

We want to be in the position to ‘address their pain point’; but first you need to highlight that the pain point exists, so that it begins to niggle at them. As the pain gets worse, they’ll link it to symptoms that they’ve been experiencing in their business and they’ll seek help. But this will only happen when you educate them about the types of pain that may apply to them and their situation, and provide them with ideas and examples that you’ve used in the past, with others just like them.

Have you ever talked to a client, or a friend, and mentioned something and they’ve said “oh yeah, I know”, or “yes, that’s the same with me!” You’ve connected over common ground and then started to discuss the ins and out, the pros and cons, and, inevitably, solutions. It’s the same approach you need to take with your clients, You want to reach a stage where you’re both so involved in the discussion that your heads are nodding in unison.

If you want to attract these clients and get them to the point where they realise they have a need and you have a solution, we can help you with that. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can entice your potential clients to understand they require services from a firm like yours.

The problem of ‘no problem’ can be fixed

You might think that it’s next to impossible to get a potential client to realise they have a problem when they are almost certain they don’t. However, with the right amount of targeted discussion in your marketing, they can easily change their minds. That’s because your potential clients always want to improve and, when they see something telling them that they could have a problem in an area of their business or life, they will start to think that maybe they should do something about it.

If you are already known to your potential clients, but they don’t see a need for your advice, it’s likely they are not fully aware of what you do OR you haven’t demonstrated you are credible in this area. You can use your marketing content to effectively tell them that they need you. What you need to do, and what most marketing experts would agree you should do is to start providing value. You essentially need to start giving, while expecting to get nothing in return. Most experts agree that such selflessness is the right approach to building a strong brand and getting potential clients to hire you, even if they currently don’t think that they need to.

Thought leadership helps

Being selfless in the way we described is more than possible through regular marketing content. You can start blogging and guest blogging to demonstrate your knowledge. You can also participate in LinkedIn groups, do webinars, and more to show potential clients that you have something useful to offer them. Additionally, you should work on your newsletters, publish case studies, and post insights to show how you helped others like them. Best of all, get your current clients to talk about you and recommend you.

In the end, it’s vital to invest more in internal education and training, search engine optimisation, and in creating videos that act as guides.

The goal of this entire marketing campaign is to help a typical business like your potential clients’. If you know the industry trends and how to help such clients, they will quickly realise that they need you, and you’ll position yourself as someone who can help them improve.

By positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry, your target audience will start seeing the benefit of working with you. That need they previously didn’t have will finally begin to become more apparent to them.

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