Why don’t my prospects become clients?

Many professionals build their network and have thousands of contacts on LinkedIn and in Outlook, many more followers on Facebook and an impressive email marketing list.Why is it then, that all of these potential leads or referral partners don’t turn into clients? Is there something wrong with your relationship? Is there something wrong with your image that you’re not aware of? Instead of just wondering, you should find out why.

Here are five reasons why your prospects aren’t converting into clients and what you can do about it:

  1. They don’t like you

People like to do business with people they like. They don’t need to know you on a profoundly personal level, but they do want to know enough about you to be comfortable. They want to trust that you understand their needs and align with them professionally (if not personally).

Establishing a relationship with someone you’re meeting for the first time or isn’t actively seeking your services can be challenging. However, it can be done even if your first meeting is brief, as long as it is on point and leaves a positive lasting impression.

Getting people to like you comes naturally to people who are genuine. Are you the type who does their research on a client before meeting them to prove you are interested in doing business with them? Do you remember their names and use them to make a connection? Do you smile and look at them in the eye? Do you give them your undivided attention and not allow distractions – such as your phone – to disrupt your conversation?

  1. They don’t trust you

People trust consistency and authenticity. They also value the word of others. If you’re not making efforts to improve your reputation, both online and offline, converting prospects into clients will be difficult.

Remember that today’s consumers turn to the Internet and peers to learn more about products and services. If their research reveals reasons they should distrust you, such as a history of bad customer service or not delivering on your promises, you can be sure those prospects will not want to do business with you. Therefore, your job starts well before you’re introduced to prospective clients. YOu have to prove yourself.

  1. They don’t know what you do

Introducing yourself to prospects personally and professionally so that they can learn more about you. Have a descriptive ‘About Us’ section on your firm’s website, Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn Company page and your LinkedIn personal page. And by adding an FAQ section and case studies on your site, you help potential clients understand what you do and how you can be the solution to their problems.

  1. They don’t understand how you can deliver value

You could have thousands of social media followers and visitors to your website, but that doesn’t mean that they will sign up to your services.

The truth is, your services very rarely sell themselves – you need to sell them yourself! Don’t be afraid to explain what you have to offer is the solution to their problems. Sweeten the deal by offering incentives; especially for new clients. This may be as easy as a free consultation, webinar or event invitation. Ultimately, no one will buy your services if they can’t understand what you do or see the value in it.

  1. You never asked for their business

You may be so caught up in selling and marketing that you fail to follow up to ask your prospects if they have any additional questions or are ready to proceed. It’s also your opportunity to express your interest in doing business with them. Know the fine line between persistence and being annoying.

When it comes to converting prospects into paying clients, it’s not enough to have a strong online presence or an extensive list of contacts. You need to have essential meetings that prove your eagerness to do business. You have to sell and market your products and services to convince people of its value. And finally, you need to show positive attention to the prospective client through personalised follow-ups.

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