How deep is your love? Questions to ask yourself that can deepen your client relationships

I’m often asked questions that relate to thought leadership, value and client relationships. These three business subjects intertwine and correlate in very important ways. To explore why, let’s do...

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The secret to keeping secrets: how much to reveal in marketing your firm

I often find firm blog posts online that strike me as a little odd. In these blog posts, the writer offers a lot of valuable information (and that’s great),...

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Know your audience

Mastering your audience – don’t forget the data!

You’re a master of accounting, legal advice, engineering, design or research.  But have you mastered your audience? I know many practitioners who write regularly for publications, social channels and...

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Marketing traps

It’s all about me – ego driven marketing traps

Unfortunately, egos are common in professional services.  With a lifetime spent gaining qualifications and achieving your annual professional development points, combined with writing papers, publishing research and presenting at...

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Testimonials that make you ‘cough’

My kids have introduced ‘coughing’ as a method of exclaiming disbelief.  It’s no normal cough; it’s an unpalatable one, usually masking a hidden word of scepticism (I’m sure the...

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Enable your audience to connect

Create a route back to you

If someone reads an article you have written and finds it interesting, how can they learn more?  If they hear you present and want to discuss one of your...

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Thought leader


Be honest with yourself and recognise that you don’t know everything.  The goal of becoming a thought leader is not to be a ‘know it all’; it is to...

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Your target market has a problem, so you have created a range of marketing resources that illustrate how you have supported others to solve problems ‘just like theirs’.  Hiding...

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