Create a route back to you

If someone reads an article you have written and finds it interesting, how can they learn more?  If they hear you present and want to discuss one of your key points, how can they connect with you?

In developing your thought leadership following, in person or online, your audience needs to know how to connect with you further.  This week’s blog provides just one simple tip – always create a route back to you.

In a multi-channel thought leadership strategy, creating a route back to you is easy.  Simply let your audience know the particulars about your contact details and your media channels, so that they can connect, follow and become more engaged.

In person

At work, client meetings, networking forums and events, take your business card.  Give freely to everyone that you meet.  Your business card is a tried and trusted way to let others know how to contact you.  When you return to your desk, connect via LinkedIn and send a follow up email.  In your email or LinkedIn connection request, you may like to invite your new contact to:

When presenting:

In print

Being published in print media – newspapers, trade and industry journals, and magazines – is a great way to build credibility.  Always ask the publication to be attributed as the author and ask if your email and / or website can be published within the column to enable readers to connect.


Online, creating a route back to you is only one click away.  Participating in LinkedIn groups and forums, any member of the group can click on you to connect.  Periodically, invite them to.

On your website, enable visitors to connect via a form or email.  Include social media icons, so that they can easily connect with your other media channels, and enable them to subscribe to your blog and newsletters.

If you write a blog, link to your website and social media channels, to enable simple, one click connection.

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