Website mistakes firms commonly make

Your website is like our front door; if a visitor comes you want them to feel welcome. Your firm might have the best intentions for your website, but it is possible you are falling into some of the most common, and most damaging website pitfalls. Here is a list of the three  most common mistakes that firms are making with their websites as, once you have identified the problem, you can then fix the problem.

1. Viewing your website as a ‘one and done’ creation. Your website needs to be a living, breathing entity. It needs to be considered an active, not stagnate, member of your marketing mix. If you are not updating your website regularly with new testimonials, blog posts, and company news, you are missing a huge opportunity. Updates to your website should be scheduled in your quarterly calendar and align with your various marketing initiatives and firm events. If potential clients visit your site and notice that the last blog update was from June of 2009, they are going to assume that you will give them the same attention that you give your blog: no attention at all.

2. Failing to set yourself apart from the pack. How many firms are doing exactly what you are doing right now? Your website has to show, without a shadow of a doubt, that not only will you do it better than those other guys, but you have that special je ne sais quoi that sets you apart. Don’t talk about what your firm features or what you can offer, instead, highlight how you can benefit your new client. Don’t use stock words that everyone has on their website like “trustworthy,” “reliable,” or “ensure.” Instead, focus on what sets you apart and describe the life out of. Don’t be afraid to lay it out there.

3. Your website is visually unappealing. You have to find the right balance between sounding intelligent, without sounding pompous, and being concise but giving enough detail. Visually, you need to make sure you are allowing the eyes to breathe. Don’t overflow your website with thick blocks of text and long sentences. Readers today like to skim. They need to be able to quickly identify the keywords that they are looking for and go from there. If they are bombarded with bulky blocks of text, they won’t stay long enough to read your beautifully crafted sentences. Be sure to use a unified font and simple graphics that are eye-catching but not too gaudy. Use headings, to convey key messages, and make sure navigation is simple.

In most cases, your website is the only point of reference potential clients have researched about your firm. Working with professionals to ensure that the front door to your firm is looking and performing its best is always the way to go.


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