Two simple things that make a difference

The small things in life can make a big difference – someone opens a door for you, your greeted with a smile and hello at the supermarket checkout, or a random stranger picks up something that you dropped or prompts you to tuck in a tag that’s showing on your jumper.

Something so small and seemingly inconsequential can have a considerable effect to brighten your day – and the same can be said in business.

Small things in business

Remembering how these little things impact your personal life, have you ever considered how little things can improve the perception of your business? There is so much potential to impact your brand and customer experience by encouraging and role modelling good manners and thoughtfulness, backed by the psychological phenomena of social proof.

Social proof’ explains a fundamental human behaviour where we copy the actions of others. It’s a sign of conformity that’s very prominent in humanity.

It is nothing new to psychologists, and it’s nothing new to many successful marketers because it is often exploited in marketing.

In an age where we have to make sacrifices in business and find ways to save money, it’s instrumental to start using smaller things that will make a big difference for your firm.

Of the hundreds of things that are worth doing, we want to mention only two for your firm, that will impact those who visit your offices for meetings and events. They are surprisingly easy and may surprise you at the same time.

Two small things to implement

Start being a true leader and start caring about the little things in your business!

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