How to ask for a testimonial

You already know that testimonials are a necessity in business. They work wonders in attracting new clients, as most people seek social proof before they decide to buy.

However, you can feel awkward about asking for testimonials from your existing clients.

You want to get them to write in a particular manner, and you want them to write about specific things. With all of that and more, you start feeling that you’ll annoy them or you might believe that the questions seem awkward or unclear.

Let’s cover all of that so you’ll teach yourself how to ask clients for testimonials appropriately.

Ways to ask for testimonials

You should start by providing them with a framework, by telling them how you think the testimony should look. You need to inquire if that’s ok with them and if it’s alright for you to use their name and company in the testimonial. They will most likely be glad to help you out, as they are already delighted with the service you’ve provided.

For these reasons, there’s no need to worry about what they’ll think when you ask them. You only need to be upfront with what you need from them. Naturally, it’s good to be very open and transparent from the very beginning, as honesty works.

Explain to them why you want their testimonial.  If the client understands what you expect from them, then they’ll know how to frame the testimony. They’ll know what to focus on while writing it. You can even give suggestions on what they should mention in their affirmation:

Be as specific as you can in explaining what you want them to write.

Also, make sure that you are not telling them to write something generic, too short, silly, and something that describes how funny and great you are. All of these make for poor testimonials.

As you are seeking to develop credibility for you and your firm, you want these testimonials to provide a reliable endorsement of your niche.

Questions to ask to get great testimonials

It’s best to frame your client’s feedback in a way that will create a powerful submission. To do that, you need to ask them the right questions. The following items will help your clients create the testimonials that you’ll need.

This framework enables scope in your client’s answers and you never know what gems they will offer that will create something that will truly benefit your future business development.

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