Firm marketing (Part One): Marketing methods and how to begin utilising them

Will clients come to your firm naturally, based on need and your own luck? Sure. However, marketing exists for a reason. It’s how you show those same clients you’re the best choice for them, and make yourself known to potential clients who wouldn’t know you existed otherwise.

Let’s say a client needs a lawyer for legal trouble, and you happen to be a part of a law firm. Sure, this client may come to your firm for help, but there are five other law firms that has come up on their web search. What sets you apart?

Considering questions like this is fundamental in growing your firm’s client list. Growing this list doesn’t happen naturally — it requires effort, industry knowledge and great time management skills. Marketing might be simple at face value, but it involves a lot of moving parts that you should be aware of.

My newest blog series will discuss, in four parts, how you can enable your firm’s professionals to not only grow your client list, but also their own professional portfolio. Everybody wins!

Creating your firm’s marketing system

First, let’s talk about the ’what‘ of the scenario: your marketing system. You know the broad idea of marketing, but how do you actually give it a whirl?

You have a lot of options, so let’s look at a few of the most popular forms of marketing for professional firms:

The next step

These are five common methods professional firms use in order to market their services, both to existing clients and new ones. The links can explain a little more, and there are thousands of resources for each online…but what’s the next step? How do you utilise these methods for your firm?

This brings us the next part of the discussion. You’ll have to read my next blog post!

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