Are you bored with blogging? Spice up your life.

Have you been blogging forever and it’s starting to bore you? Maybe it’s time to spice things up!

If you write blogs regularly, you can quickly fall into the trap of continuing to use the same writing formula. It maybe time to refresh yourself on the many different approaches to blogging to spice things up! You can spice things up by changing things a bit and using a different style of writing.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the different styles of blogs that can help you mix things up.

1.  ‘How to’ informative posts

‘How to’ articles are an informative guide to step readers through a process. They are useful for simple directions and assisting your clients to understand a process. They can also be multi-purposed from your blog, to follow up guides sent to clients after a meeting, or a way to introduce a concept prior to discussing it in full.

These posts matter as they can often get you among the top results in the search engine, thus increasing your web traffic.

2.  List articles

Some bloggers would say “not those again”, but not the readers. It’s good to occasionally use this type of writing because lists are very popular amongst the masses as they offer easy to gather information at a glance. Plenty of readers want to consume their content quickly to easily find out what they need to know. They are also a good check in for anyone you’re working with, to ensure that you are on the same page, at the same stage.

3.  News posts

People like to read the news and get the latest info on a topic of interest to them. Many firms make such posts if they can get the newest news themselves. However, even if you can’t, you can always reference another news posts. There’s nothing terrible about this, many often repurpose other posts and create something a bit different by mixing in their opinion on the matter.

4.  Reviews

Product and service reviews are a great way to drive traffic to your blog or site. Once again, it all stems from how people look for things online. They like to gain information, and they want to get things quickly, but they also like to see reviews of products and services that are meaningful to them.

These honestly matter because if you’re already an authority in your field, people will trust your reviews and they’ll keep on coming back to you.

5.  Controversial posts

If you add too much spice, things may be hot! And that can be a good thing in blogging to drive traffic. Sometimes it’s important to break from the mould. Sometimes it’s worth being controversial and taking a stance on a subject that you and / or your readers are very passionate about. It’s risky, as many might not like your opinion, but from time to time, you have to risk it to be successful.

6. Personal texts

People love to read about people and engage on an emotional level, which is why it’s good to write these types of posts as well.

Write about yourself, an experience you have had with service or learning. Write about a team member, how they have contributed to solving a client problem. Write about the rewards of your work, your team or working with your firm. Write about how things work in your office and how valued you have felt following a client success. Writing in this way can connect far more than an instructional post, building your personal brand and igniting interest in what you do and how your firm operates.

When spicing up your life (or your blogging style), the main point is to achieve a change. Introduce new styles to differentiate your content. There’s no need to stick to one type; interchange and experiment to see how it engages online, resonates with your audience, builds traffic and is useful to repurpose to add value.

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