When marketing automation is the clear winner

Marketing automation refers to the technologies designed to automate repetitive marketing processes and tasks, allowing you to save time, increase productivity and focus on business growth. As more industries are experimenting with marketing automation, many law firms wonder how they can leverage the technology to capture and convert more leads.

Before automation, marketing tasks were performed manually – slowly eating away at a precious time and even lowering morale. Firms asked themselves why, despite their skill and expertise, they were reduced to list cleaning or going back and forth between their email marketing solution and website analytics to identify which type of emails to send to different prospects.

Marketing automation put an end to all that by automating routine marketing activities, allowing the focus to be diverted to more valuable tasks like nurturing client relationships and optimising productivity.

Life before marketing automation

Before automation, many procedural and repetitive marketing tasks were done manually. So when you leverage marketing automation solutions, you not only improve workflows and save billable time, but you generate and qualify more leads and improve client retention.

Thanks to the added analytics, marketing automation helps you not only identify prospects but understand them. The better you recognise your clients’ needs and expectations, the more personalised your email marketing is, to target your efforts.

Marketing automation isn’t limited to email; it goes further by leveraging the technology for social media and your other online efforts. You can use it to create content tailored to your target audience and schedule and queue your social postings. And to deliver the most personalised client experience, you can use marketing automation to set up nurture tracks that will check in on prospects. Your firm can also rely on marketing automation to help you figure out who is engaging with your site, allowing you to target your messages better and follow up while leads are still hot.

When to automate

For your firm to compete in today’s digital ecosystem, you must evolve. When clients need professional advice, 96% turn to search engines, according to a Google Consumer Survey. At some point, they realise the need for genuine expertise – the type they are willing to pay a professional services firm for. Again, they revert to the Internet to help them find the right firm to represent them and offer advice.

Your online reputation matters and your social media and website are your platforms to display your expertise, achievements, and proven track record. Without an online presence, your firm misses the opportunity to be discovered by people seeking the very services you offer.

If you want to focus your efforts on strengthening your online presence and avoid being bogged down by tedious, mundane tasks; it’s time to automate. If you are going to reduce costs by eliminating the need to perform ongoing processes manually; it’s time to automate. If your goal is to improve the client experience by enhancing the client journey; it’s time to automate. And if you want your firm to remain relevant and stay top-of-mind; it’s time to automate.

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