What are the best strategies for promoting the award you won?

Have you recently won an award but are too embarrassed to talk about it? Don’t be. There’s no reason for feeling that way for any of your awards. They are one of the best things you can use in self-promotion. Why? Because they provide social and external proof of validation.

Award-winning is an excellent way to:

If you decide to promote the award you won, people are bound to be happy for you. They will celebrate with you if you manage to promote it in the right way.

What’s more, there’s no philosophy about it. The first step is choosing the right awards to enter. They should be credible, meaningful, and representative of your expertise, your niche, and your experiences. The next step is to become a finalist for the award and promote it. And once you win the award, all you need to do is promote that win. This list sounds easy but you will be up against some pretty tough competition, we’re sure!

However, promoting it in the right way also entails several other strategies.

Say thank you to the team!

The first and most important thing you need to do is say thank you to the team you have. If you have a firm, no matter its size, it’s vital to involve the team in your win as, after all, success is often achieved by standing on the shoulders of giants!.

They are part of the firm and deserve to feel appreciated and to see that the award is, in part, theirs as well.

Involving your team is also a great way to promote the win. Celebrate with them and take lots of photos and videos. You can then use those as behind-the-scenes promotional pieces. Additionally, you can also create an email signature for all team members that involves a link to your site or your blogs. Then, they can also share some social posts about the win on several platforms. Hopefully, they will celebrate your success too, as they feel part of it, spreading the words further.

Write a post for your blog

Winning an award is a great reason for a promotional blog post. You don’t have to praise yourself and the firm, but you can talk about the whole application process for the award and the road that led you to winning it. It’s a great way to give people tips on how to win their own awards.

It’s vastly beneficial for the business to turn your win into an experience that can help others too. What’s more, you can share the post with the award organizers, and they will be glad to share it on their site.

A few more strategies to consider

The main thing is to say thank you to the team and make a post about the win. However, you can also do several other things like:

By doing all of this, you can effectively introduce your business to new opportunities and enable yourself to leverage your promotional channels.

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