Sharing, not telling, your story

People have been sharing stories since the very beginning of time. It is how we pass the time, entertain and educate one another, and keep our histories alive. Storytelling has always been a powerful tool that allows us to build emotional bridges and develop empathy for one another.

In business, sharing stories is how we communicate our messages to our audience. When you tell your story, however, you want more than to simply be heard. When you share it, you want to be understood and ultimately, accepted. Acceptance builds credibility and deference – good for building profile and attracting leads. And while the difference may be subtle; it is one that today’s clients can easily distinguish.

Personalising experiences by sharing, not selling

Today’s clients are smart; they know all about marketing strategies and the lengths that companies go through to gain their attention. But if there is one thing they appreciate, it is the effort it takes to identify their unique needs so that they can be presented with personalised experiences. When you share your story with your clients without the intention of selling, you don’t alienate them with your agenda.

When people visit your website, they’re not just browsing it as they would a directory or a digital brochure; they’re looking for a connection; an emotional connection ideally. You want them to be motivated to use your services way  over and above any measure of competitive pricing or expertise. Today’s clients want to know they’re partnering with purpose.

Before your prospects can feel your firm is worth their loyalty, they have to be invested in your story. And when they pay for your services, they want to feel that sense of pride that they’re contributing to your organisation’s mission.

Using storytelling for engagement and business development

Who is your audience? Have you been listening to their needs? Have you been sharing content that offers them solutions to their problems?

The beauty of modern storytelling is that while it serves the same purpose it always has, technology gives us the means to amplify our messages. Our stories can now be distributed across multiple channels, keeping us more connected than ever. Firms who don’t leverage technology or embrace the digital revolution, get left behind.

In marketing, brand messages are made more memorable and meaningful when stories are delivered thoughtfully and with purpose. More than ever, now is the time to teach your clients about more than just your services and offerings. Share your history. Talk about your struggles. Introduce them to your team. Let them sneak a peek at what goes on behind the scenes.

Ignite conversations that are intriguing and engaging. Deliver content that your audience seeks. Do they want to be entertained, educated, or inspired? Find your voice and resonate with your audience as a thought leader.

Your story and willingness to share will keep you grounded. Remember, clients value authenticity and transparency. They want to trust the brands they patronise. And with each story your firm shares, you build a stronger foundation on which your brand stands and establishes itself as the go-to industry expert.

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