Master online events to grow your firm

Online events can become an essential part of marketing today and a powerful tool when planned, executed and leveraged. In essence, you can use them to build loyalty and to inform and educate your clients and potential clients. At the same time, you can use them to introduce a new service or solutions to your clients and build deeper relationships through the value you provide – cos effectively.

With that in mind, we wanted to talk more about online events and how you can use them to grow your firm. Let’s take a look:

Educating through webinars

Webinars needn’t only be used by schools; they can be extremely beneficial in the hands of professional service firms. You can create webinars for several of your clients with similar needs and problems, and offer them solutions through an educational webinar.

Webinars shouldn’t be about selling something; you can provide viewers with knowledge and training that will help them advance with their business. That way, you’ll provide them with value that will benefit them greatly and help them to understand a little more about your services – by providing them with a mini trial in your webinar – and you, in turn, as you’ll develop more meaningful relationships with them.

What makes webinars truly powerful is the fact that you can focus on niche topics that are applicable to a specific set of your clients. That way, you’ll deal with issues that are rarely dealt with by others, and your clients will be eternally grateful for it.

You can even do all of this with individual high ranking clients that you genuinely want to stick around with you. If they already appreciate your guidance and perspective, these one-on-one webinars are a great way to grow your relationship with them further and keep them with you for a long time. The other bonus with webinars is that they are very cost effective and can be viewed easily via a phone, tablet or any computer screen.

Enhancing experiences through podcasts

Podcasts are becoming increasingly influential and powerful, and they can be a great tool even for professional service firms. You don’t only have to use them as stand-alone programs, as they are usually used; you can use them as you do webinars – to educate your listeners and provide them with value.They are also great for storytelling, making your topic more meaningful.

Podcasts can be the same as webinars as through them, you can offer your clients and prospective clients the same educational information you usually provide through webinars, but at the time of their choosing. That way, all of your busy clients and future clients can listen to you when they have the time. On top of that, you can use the podcasts to guide them to download additional content, to ask for more information, to respond to surveys and polls, and more.

Internal improvement

As you can already guess, webinars and similar educational events don’t need to be directed outwards only. You can direct them inwards as well. In translation, you can use them to educate your own employees and team members.

You want your team to be as good as they can for the firm to prosper, which is why webinars can be a useful way to teach them about the changes in your industry, new technologies, and improved methods of doing their work. That way, all of you can grow together.

If you are the thought leader we believe you are, all of this information will be invaluable to you. If not, that probably means you’ve already put it in practice! If you haven’t and want to learn more, feel free to give us a call and ask us.

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