It Takes a Team

In your firm – each member matters. Each one is unique, and that should be celebrated. But it should also be leveraged.

To be as clear as possible, it does take a team to achieve anything in business.

As that’s precisely the case, what you need to do is use this to its full advantage to improve your firm and its development and brand recognition.

Social media profiles

Many forget to emphasise this, but individual team profiles on social media matter as much as the profile of the entire firm, sometimes even more.

Each advisor’s passion, their client portfolio, and the experience they gained in work – these are all unique to each team member. Each member can thus have something that will, at some point, win you your next big opportunity.

Their profiles must emphasise this uniqueness and individuality, but they also need to be in line with the ideals of the firm.

Crafting the best profiles

Crafting a good profile on every social media and getting it noticed is a task that’s nowadays verging on fine art. It goes for both the team’s profiles, as well as the firm’s profiles.

What matters here is to pay attention to each platform’s advantages and rules that you must follow to be relevant there.

For example, on Twitter, the handle tells a lot about you, and the key on Twitter is being concise as that’s what this social media is for – keeping it short and to-the-point.

Facebook, on the other hand, doesn’t have that. There, you need to be thorough with your ‘About’ section, for example. Your cover image here is a big deal, and it often matters more than your profile page.

In the end, LinkedIn is about professionalism, but it’s also about being punchy with your headlines and staying active every day.

Staying active, in fact, matters everywhere on social media. All of your team members should be active, but your firm’s page must be updated regularly as well. Maintaining profiles is critical if you want to avoid stagnation and becoming irrelevant in your potential clients’ eyes.

The team page

Did you know that team pages on business websites get the highest traffic after your homepage? They do, and the explanation here is clear. Clients want to know the people, the individuals in the firm because people trust faces more than they trust businesses.

It is where your knowledge of creating a good profile will come in handy. Their profiles need to be on the firm’s website, but you also have to develop proper bios on each member on the team page.

Naturally, you don’t have to go overboard, but several things are crucial in creating each member’s bio page, all of which are things your potential clients would want to know about them:

Final thoughts

All in all, to improve the value of your firm and gain more business, you need to pay attention to your team because, working together, you can bring home the bacon. Showcase their values through social media, the team page and their bios, and you’ll end up with a better brand and more clients.

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