In my last blog, we looked at raising brand awareness – the first step in our sales process.  You should now have your target market clearly documented and the media channels to reach them identified.

For each step, we are identifying a goal to achieve and thinking about the marketing resources, initiatives and content that will funnel your target market into the next stage.  This week, we look at Step 2.

The process

Step 2:  NO PROBLEM.  Your target market knows who you are but doesn’t have a problem that needs your help.  Your goal is to demonstrate that you understand their type of business.

This is where thought leadership will prove useful.  Blogging, guest blogging, newsletters, case studies, LinkedIn group participation, posting insights, industry journals, webinars – all of these mediums provide a forum to show empathy, and share scenarios and insights.  You are sharing your knowledge to add value to their business, not for self-promotion.

Your task during the next fortnight is to create a mind map of a typical business in your target market.  Brain storm the issues they face, the industry trends and success factors.  Deep dive into their business and gain a real understanding of living life in their shoes.  Identify ways you have supported businesses just like theirs.

Then, to prepare yourself for the next step in our process, create a link between your services and their issues.

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