I need help!

When you find yourself in that situation when your potential clients realise they need help from a professional services firm like yours, it’s time to alter your marketing! These situations are common, but you can still do a lot to improve your chances of being the firm they end up hiring.

With that in mind, we wanted to give you some tips on how to improve your marketing efforts and attract clients that need help from you. Let’s take a look at what you can do to achieve this:

They need help – bit is it from you?

When potential clients do their research, they have a better idea of what they need from a firm like yours. The key to attracting them is to catch them at this stage and entice them to your business.

Research tells us that some 52% of these clients view eight or more pieces of content from a specific firm before they decide to hire them. Additionally, 61% say that the firm they choose had a wide variety of content that was appropriate for their stage in the buying process. That’s why you need to have that content ready for them.

You need to position yourself as the one with the knowledge, experience, and content to show them that you are the right choice. To do that, you need to be a thought leader. That’s because being a thought leader means you are sharing content and empowering your audience with that same content. You are the one who educates and provides insights at the same time.

Some people feel that if you educate your potential client – they will remain a potential client only because you’ve already solved the problem they had.

However, that’s not true at all because by educating your audience, you manage to:

Most importantly, you show to your potential clients that they can gain a lot more from you than what they’ve already obtained through your content.

Using content marketing is vital here because research tells us that as much as 90% of clients dismiss a professional services firm even before they’ve contacted them. That can only mean that what they’ve seen in their content hasn’t assured them that this firm is the right one for them.

How to improve your content marketing

Now that you’ve realised how vital marketing is in attracting your potential clients, you need to start making improvements. Start with your firm’s website and make sure it effectively shows your experience, industry expertise, and thought leadership. Start making better blogs, then move on to producing reports, ebooks, white papers, and more.

All of this will position you as the leader in the industry and the one your potential clients should hire. And if you get stuck, feel free to contact us because Thought Leadership Initiative can help you improve your marketing efforts.

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