How to get your content right for all of your client updates

In our series of articles on client updates, we have already discussed two things in two distinct articles you should read.

In the first, How to make client updates more effective, we talked about client updates in general and elaborated on their importance for every professional service firm.

In the second, How to organize your client list to send the right information to everyone, we covered how to get the right content to the right clients.

Today, it’s time to discuss how you can get that exact content right. You want to make it useful, insightful, memorable, and actionable. Only that way will you be able to create efficient client updates.

How to create great content for client updates

Getting your content right can be tricky, but it can also be much easier than it is for most if you use some useful hacks. You can ask your clients what kind of content they like, for instance.

As we already discussed in the first article, it’s completely fine to ask your clients for feedback on what style and format of content they prefer. The information you receive can help you further develop your content marketing strategy.

The key will always be to get the content that the reader finds useful, and it’s the same with clients. If you know how to provide the type of service they need and appreciate, this part will be much easier than you might have initially thought.

What’s more, it’s essential to always have the reader in mind while creating the content. That way, you can make sure you’re always creating something that will be memorable and actionable to your audience.

You can use the information we already talked about in the series to understand which clients want what. Then you can easily start making the content they want to see.

Tips to follow when creating client updates and especially newsletters

By following the advice we gave you, you will end up creating content for your client updates that will always attract the reader. You’ll no longer send emails that never get opened.

In the next, and last article of the series, we’ll summarise everything we’ve given you in the series. We’ll also add some crucial advice that will cement your place as the thought leader of your industry. So, don’t forget to keep reading the blog!

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