How can I get my clients to come back?

For some clients, it’s love at first sight. The person assigned to their account understands their needs and identifies with their vision. They feel at ease and confident that they are in good hands. With the planets aligned perfectly, securing a lasting client relationship that leads to repeat business and even referrals for the firm is a sure bet.

Unfortunately, not all meetings, collaborations and transactions go as smoothly as we like. And even when they do, they don’t always guarantee that the client will return. But while it’s discouraging when clients don’t immediately call you to do business again, there are things you can do to ensure they ultimately fall in love with your business and come back for more.

Be grateful and say “thank you”

After you’ve done business, show your appreciation for the sale. Say thank you and invite them to communicate with you immediately if they have any concerns. Express that you intend to keep in touch.

Your goal is to begin building customer loyalty. Part of the customer journey you’ve designed should involve meeting the customer’s expectations at the first opportunity you get. Why? Because increasing customer retention doesn’t begin after you’ve reached the client for the first time; it starts from the moment you build your customer profile and study your prospects’ preferences and expectations.

Because you’ve done your research, you know who your ideal customers are; this involves their needs, wants, desires and fears. And once you’ve converted a qualified lead into a paying client, it’s your job to take what you know and deliver them with a customer experience that delights them.

They’re lost and alone. How can I get them to come back?

Winning back clients is much like rekindling an old relationship. You have to remind the other party what made you good together. You may have to make amends for your mistakes and promise you’ll do better. And like any relationship, you have to commit to being more attentive to their needs through constant communication.

Clients want to feel they’re being taken care of and receiving personalised care. Your emails and communications should speak directly to them and use the language they understand; avoid industry terms and jargon that are confusing and cause them to disconnect.

Prove you’ve done your research by showing them you know about their business and understand their unique needs. But more importantly, learn as much as you can about the decision makers themselves while still being respectful of their personal space. Find a common interest that will spark a conversation. If you learned through your research or first meeting that the client loves sushi, make your next meeting at a great Japanese restaurant. If you know they like art, ask to meet in a museum. Bringing a personal touch increases the connection and is both easy and enjoyable to do.

And most importantly, never stop courting your clients. To keep your clients coming back, don’t ever get too comfortable. Follow up after each encounter. Ask for feedback on how you can improve your service, indicating that you welcome them as a repeat customer. Let clients know they’re in your thoughts and that you’re looking forward to doing business with them again.

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