Why is ad targeting on LinkedIn so powerful?

To put it plainly – ad targeting is a feature on LinkedIn that uses a wide variety of methods to target a specific audience. The targeting features enable you to pitch your offer personally, enabling highly focused marketing efforts.

There are many reasons why it can be so powerful.

It relies on the fact that LinkedIn has a huge member base, and that most of these professionals have completed profiles with a lot of useful data for marketers. It is also a platform where professionals check in daily to review their feed, undertake research prior to meetings, connect with new contacts after meetings and research networks and businesses for proposals and tenders. Being both useful for the user and the marketer make it very beneficial for both!

By using ad targeting, you get the chance to utilise this vast amount of data to find the best prospects you need for your business and target the ads at them with specified content that will get them to find the answers they need in your industry.

With it, you can target your ideal customer, all based on the titles, names of companies, interests, and a lot more data that each LinkedIn member leaves on the site.

However, that’s not all – you can further customise your marketing efforts with the subfeatures ad targeting has.

Subfeatures of ad targeting

Website retargeting is a useful subfeature of ad targeting that enables you to take the visitors of your website, and segment them based on the pages they visit and then tailor your ads to suit their wants and needs.

This feature can thus have the ability to spark the interest of your visitors once again and enable you to create more qualified leads and generate more sales.

Another useful subfeature of ad targeting is contact targeting, which allows you to upload the contacts you already have, email address lists, or even to connect it with your third-party contact management app.

By allowing you to do this, LinkedIn has made sure that you can market to prospects you already have, or maybe even to win back some past clients.

All in all, contact targeting is an excellent way to get even more qualified leads and drive sales.

Account targeting allows you to start account-based marketing campaigns (ABM campaigns). For those unaware, ABM is a B2B strategy that focuses your marketing efforts and sales on a predefined list of target accounts.

If you want to obtain specific high-valued clients, then account targeting is the best strategy you can use.

The bottom line

All in all, what truly makes ad targeting so powerful, is the combination of what it is, and what the very network offers. With such a vast number of professionals (610 million users, out of which more than 100 million are decision-makers in their firms), you already have the most prominent target market you could ever wish. It’s also a platform that has high user use and engagement. Another bonus.

LinkedIn incorporates the power of a vast amount of user data and targeted marketing to give you the best possible reach and results you need.

When you look at it like that, it’s not a feature you want to miss – but the one whose marketing powers you need to harness and eventually become the thought leader you need to be.

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