Which advertising options are available on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a massive professional platform – the largest one in the world, to be exact, as it is the home to 610 million professionals.

It’s also one of the social media networks experiencing the highest growth in recent months, especially in Australia.

We did another article in which we explained all the significant numbers and stats which show that LinkedIn is the place where to promote your brand – the place where your posts, blogs and ads will have the most considerable reach to the right audience.

Now, it’s time to explain some more about the advertising options available to you on LinkedIn.

Sponsored content

Sponsored content are all native ads which you can send to LinkedIn feeds of other users, across both mobile and desktop.

The benefit of these sponsored ads is that they blast across the feeds of the professionals you choose, who might be interested in what you have to offer.

LinkedIn enables you to create your unique ads and test them before publishing, but you can also make them for specific audiences, thus maximising your marketing efforts.

One of the great things about sponsored ads is that you can track performance, as with any social media platform, enabling you to test success of multiple versions.

Sponsored Inmail

Sponsored Inmail is a unique feature where you can send a message to the inbox of selected professionals. Just like the ads above, you can select your audience and craft a message designed to attract the recipient’s attention.

The call-to-action button is designed to be visible, both on desktop and mobile, so you can rest assured that the person seeing the message can easily click on it to learn more or respond to your offer.

The very design of these messages and the fact that they are delivered to professionals outside of your network, at times they are active, ensures that they will notice you more than others.

Text Ads

LinkedIn has designed text ads to help professionals get more leads and drive them to their business, all the while using a budget that works for them.

Mostly, with text ads, you get the chance to create quality leads and drive traffic to your website or landing pages with simple, yet effective ads for which you only pay for when they work. That means that you get the chance to pay per click or impression.

Many additional options

LinkedIn is virtually packed with a wide variety of options you can use to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

All in all, LinkedIn advertising is tailored for B2B business. It uses the most LinkedIn has to offer and makes it easy for professionals to find other professionals willing to work with them – a real goldmine for professionals wishing to become the thought leaders of their industries.

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