Tracking your success with LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is not just the largest professional network in the world. It is also an engaging platform that offers you the ability to post, connect and advertise to targeted audiences to raise awareness, educate, grow your personal brand, extend your network and generate leads AND it also allows you to track and measure your efforts.

You can do that with the use of LinkedIn’s advertising platform called Campaign Manager. If you’ve already read our articles on Linkedin advertising, you’ll know that it’s a feature you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking to reach new levels with your marketing efforts.

How you can analyse your LinkedIn advertising campaign performance

It’s fundamentally effortless, the makers of the platform have made sure it is.

The platform provides you with a wide range of different metrics through which you can view the current status of each of your advertising campaigns. With these metrics, you’ll mainly be able to track the performance of each ad and gain insight on how you can improve your overall ROI.

As the platform offers many metrics, let’s take a look at the most important ones and what they do for you.

For building brand awareness, you will need to follow:

If you want to see how many people make downloads, purchases, and signups, you will need to follow:

When discussing conversions in LinkedIn advertising, it’s essential to talk about conversion tracking.

Conversion tracking on LinkedIn

When you activate the option for conversion tracking, you get the ability to track the impact your ads are making, and then use the gained insight to optimise them further and make them better.

Conversion tracking mostly follows the previous three metrics we mentioned: conversions, conversion rate, and cost per conversions and give you the insight you need to make better ads.

How to measure success with LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager doesn’t only give you metrics; it allows you to track the progress you’re having with your campaigns.

You can establish baselines and set goals on the platforms and thus follow how you’re faring on your road toward the results you want.

LinkedIn also enables you to make further optimisations that will improve your chances of reaching the results you want. You can view all the information you need on LinkedIn.

By learning everything you can about LinkedIn advertising and how the platform they have operates, you can get closer to your goal of creating highly effective marketing campaigns that will position you as a thought leader in your industry, grow your brand and win new business.

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