Should your Marketing Focus be – email or Social Media?

There are several questions here – Is social media taking over from email? Should you use direct marketing or rely on engagement in your social channels? What should you choose as your preferred method – email or social media?

It is a topic that’s troubling many, but this article is here to show you that you don’t have to decide one or the other – use them both.

Here’s why.

The pros and cons of email and social media marketing

There’s advantages in both mediums. For example, when it comes to professional services firms, social media accounts are great for client outreach, but then later on when they become long-term clients, it’s better to speak directly, either personally or email. There’s certain insights that should be exclusively for your clients, so be careful not to give away the value of dealing with your firm for free, to the masses following you on social media.

You can see in this example that each method has its inherent purpose and value, and it’s best to use that to your advantage.

Social media marketing can improve the reach of your posts, and it can also enhance your firm’s visibility to clients, prospects, influencers, industry groups and more. The potential vastness of social media make it a great promotional, publication and broadcast channel.

Posting your content on social media platforms can attract people from your target group, but you have to be careful what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. It also differs from platform to platform, and LinkedIn, for example, demands professionalism, whereas Facebook doesn’t.

When it comes to email marketing, the statistics are showing that a large number of emails are reaching their intended audience, especially when it comes to firms dealing with their clients.

When you compare that to social media, there are a lot of similarities, but there are differences as well. Email outreach has been rising in the past several years, whereas organic awareness on Facebook has dropped recently.

It’s much easier to make sure your emails are reaching your audience with automated tools like EmailVerifier that makes sure most of your emails are reaching real addresses and not fake or unused ones.

Using both social media and email in marketing

With the pros and cons evidenced for both, you can that the use of specific methods depends on what you need and what you’re trying to do.

It’s all about recognising which combination of marketing techniques will produce the best results for your particular case and your specific business goals.

Each industry has its unique target audience, and it’s up to you to know that audience and thus decide which technique will yield the best results.

It’s essential for you to plan all of this if you want your strategy to have any success. In the end, it’s all about you positioning yourself as an expert in your industry and becoming a true thought leader who can attract others to their business and keep existing clients by never losing that personal connection with them.

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