Marketing your firm with podcasting

The digital age has brought with it a radical change in how people seek out services. More and more, the internet is the first step to get information and look for various firms who satisfy needs. But the internet itself provides the potential to create your own media empire – we’ve already talked about video marketing, so let’s investigate podcasting.

Many businesses have taken to podcasting in to build brand awareness and share insights. For service based businesses, it’s a great way to share your expertise.

The rise of so many television shows that are dedicated to fictional legal firms, crime and punishment, and relevant debates concerning the impact of the law tell us that people (and potential clients) are interested in the law and issues surrounding it.  Think Suits, The Practice, The Good Wife, Boston Legal, Law & Order, LA Law – and for those of us that can remember – Ally McBeal….Perry Mason! There is a public fascination with the law and it’s something that law firms can capitalise on. Podcasting is a great way to share war stories and showcase your expertise! For accounting firms, imagine the Paradise Files explained.  There’s an audience interested in that!

But there’s also a right way to do it.

Showcasing your expertise

Generating engaging content is always going to be the key for effective outreach, and this is especially true for podcasts. Think of what sparks your client’s interest. Think about stories you have shared to illustrate a point. Think about situations that you turned around. Find engaging topics, the latest news, debates your firm has internally. These would all make interesting listening.

With so many interesting cases from the vantage of criminal defense, divorce attorneys, or litigation attorneys, there will always be content to access. These are topics that will keep listeners and prospective clients interested.

There are two elements that you must keep in mind. You will find that some of your clients are drawn to one topic, say criminal defense, while others will be drawn to bankruptcy, labor law, and others to tax. It’s imperative for a successful podcast to remember its niche, as your goal is to gain followers, get your podcast shared, increase your listening audience – win new advocates and new clients.

There’s a broad range of media to dispatch your podcast

Podcasts can be a very effective form of marketing for firms, but this is one area where you do want to cast a very wide net. There are many media through which a podcast can be disseminated, using more than one will make your podcast more accessible to a broader audience. To name a few:

The star of your show

A podcast is an opportunity to do something fun to showcase your team’s skills. It’s a way to stay on top of new laws, compliance requirements, the latest developments, and current events that impact your practice, your clients and the industries that they operate in. Many clients will be interested because these developments have impacted them directly, and they’ll make recommendations to friends and relatives.

Your team members will have the opportunity to talk about topics that interest them and are relevant to the field in which they practice.

While at first glance, podcasting may not seem to be an ideal promotional format for professional services firms, it turns out to be one of the best!

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