Social media profiles (Part three): Setting up social profiles and getting noticed online

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In my previous two instalments in this series, I’ve talked specifically about your personal social media profiles (both private and professional), as well as the social media profiles for your firm. Now for the finale: a general guide to setting up your social media profiles and using them to get noticed online.

Truthfully, I could write lengthy blog posts on the set-up process for many different social sites, but you’re looking for digestible, bite-sized info that’s valuable and easy to implement. Here are the four most popular social media sites for firms, resource links to set-up processes and the most valuable pieces of advice from each:





Now that you have resources and advice for completing your social media profiles, let’s quickly look at how you can utilise your social media profiles to get noticed online.

Standing out on social media

It’s not enough to follow the best practices – you have to go above and beyond! This is how you get your social media presences to stand out among the crowd.

My final piece of advice is perhaps the most important: social media isn’t solely about promotion. It’s about engagement and connectivity – after all, that’s why it’s called social media. If you’re only using social media to try and generate leads or revenue, you’ve got the wrong idea.

This concludes my blog series on social media profiles. Did you find my tips helpful? Did you like my resource lists? Tell me if the tips helped you punch up your own social profiles and if you have any tips or ideas of your own!

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