Bloggy McBlogface

Would a rose smell as sweet if it had a different name? Of course, it would! However, it might not be as popular or well accepted. That’s why choosing the right name and the proper form matters – especially when it comes to blogging.

Remember when Boaty McBoatface won the popular vote to name new polar research vessel in the UK? Sadly, their choice didn’t get accepted, but the gag lived on in Sweden where people wanted to call a train Trainy McTrainface!

The point of us talking about this is not to make jokes, but to illustrate how being different, and sometimes quirky and funny can have an overwhelming effect on your popularity.

So, potential Bloggy McBlogface, let’s take a look at how professional service firms can stand out with blogs by finding a voice, and being original and different.

Blogging matters a lot

There are those who still believe that blogging doesn’t matter. But these people are missing out on what they can accomplish with blogs.

Think about it, every time you post a blog you’re showcasing to the world your experience, knowledge, insight into your niche, your industry. Just look at how Russel Howcroft has built his profile through publishing his opinion and sparking conversations. At the same time as profiling an issue, he is building his own profile and that of his firm. He is sparking interest, driving traffic and fuelling his authority.

How to blog

You need to blog frequently to build your profile, but you also need to prioritise quality over quantity.

To be a meaningful blogger, you need to answer these questions:

  1. What is my expertise?
  2. Who is my audience?
  3. What can I share of interest and value?
  4. Am I committed to blogging consistently or should I delegate or share the role with other professionals

When you know the answers to these questions, you’re ready to set your blog plan in place.

The best types of blogging

There are plenty of blogging types, but only a handful can make an impact, and it’s vital to choose, especially one of these:

It’s all about being completely different and going against the grain. Try to move from what others are doing and be unique. That’s the only way to invent something new, something that will astonish your audience, which can only result in a big popularity boost.

Some firms don’t want to write themselves but act as a platform for other bloggers – guest authors. You can do that too and still be as successful as others, and it’s a great opportunity to align yourself with other brands that can build your value and add credibility through association.

It often matters to find your specific niche and stick to it. Find a particular topic and stick to it. Being utterly recognisable in one area can often be better than being barely successful in many.

People love free stuff, and you can use that to your advantage even as a blogger. There are plenty of bloggers and firms that focus on giving away free things through blogs like an additional bonus content piece in exchange for an email.

Everyone is trying to build an individual or company brand through their blogs. You can do that by being personal yourself. Connect your name to your firm and create a brand that speaks both about you and your firm. This type of blogging is ideal for those who want to position themselves or their firms as experts in their field.

Each type has its benefits, and it’s up to you to choose what kind of blogging you want your firm to use. The important thing is that you choose to be involved, so you don;t miss out on the benefits of blogging.

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