How to organise your client list to send the right information to everyone

In our previous article, How to make client updates more effective and interesting, we discussed what client updates are and why they matter. We explained how useful they could be for your firm if you make them well. By implementing helpful content, you can provide value to your clients, instead of sending them emails that will just end up in their junk.

In this article, we wanted to go further into the topic. Today we’ll help you get your client lists right so you can send the right information to the right client every time.

By learning how to do this, each of your clients will be satisfied with the updates they are receiving because they will be relevant. What’s more, you’ll further cement your relationship with them and your place as a thought leader in the industry.

The problems many firms don’t solve

Most professional service firms fail with client updates and especially with newsletters because they don’t know or don’t care about how to make them useful. They fail to keep their clients engaged by sending them unnecessary and boring information they don’t need or care about.

The material in those newsletters and updates is rarely made to connect with the readers. It’s more prepared out of convenience, to praise the firm, provide details about specific changes, and more. However, it seldom contains information the clients find interesting or useful.

So, how do you change this? First, you need to organise your client lists. You need to understand your clients well so that you can send the right information to each one.

Data is crucial

If you’re going to understand your clients, you need to collect data. Data is essential in the modern world, and all smart firms manage vast amounts of it.

Data is vital as you can learn a lot about both your existing and potential clients. The information you collect on them can help you understand their pains and needs. Then it will be much easier to curate the right content for each of them.

If you use things like Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter Analytics, you can gain vast amounts of data on your clients that will then help you organise your lists better.

What can you gain from analytics on these sites?

Once you get all of this data, you can start to organise your lists accordingly. When the records are done, you’ll know what kind of content to send to which clients.

If you want to learn more about how you can get all of this content right for your client updates and newsletters, stick with us, or subscribe to our blog. The next post in the series will discuss precisely that. Until then, feel free to contact us if there’s anything more you want to know.

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