A simple, social media checklist for your firm

The latest marketing techniques in this digital age include live video streaming, micro influencers, content marketing and personalised consumer experiences. As many of these marketing trends are live on social media, that’s where your firm also needs to be.

In the last decade, we’ve witnessed the meteoric rise of social media. Platforms designed to connect family and friends have become one of the most effective marketing tools. Social media is now necessary for the survival of many businesses that wish to remain competitive and profitable.

Choose the right channels and use them correctly

You need to go where your target market is, to engage online. In professional services, your potential clients are likely most active on channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and / or Instagram. But before you dive in, it’s important to know what each of these platforms can do for your firm.

LinkedIn is ideal for networking, helping you build a community and generate leads. Use Twitter to start or participate in conversations related to current industry news. Facebook, while image-friendly, is a great place to promote your blog content, interesting industry-related posts and videos. And because Instagram is image-heavy, leverage it to post photos that show your firm’s culture, humanise your practice, or tell a visual story of the type of service you deliver.

Here is a checklist of easy things your firm can do to improve social media connection, engagement, and business development:

Thanks to social media, professional services firms and their practitioners have channels that keep you connected to your current clients and help you reach new ones. However, social media is more than a platform to exchange photos and ideas. When used strategically, it is a powerful tool for business development.

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