Could reducing billable hours be a game-changer?

Professional services firms usually bill the hours they work, but this can sometimes be a problem. It’s especially true with younger business people. They need to work a lot...

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What do online retail sales have to do with professional services?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail sales are a U.S. invention and have only become a “thing” in Australia in recent years. Traditionally, we’ve focused on EOFY and Boxing...

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The benefits of educating your clients

As technology is now replacing many operational and compliance aspects of professional services, firms must seek to provide value in other ways. The problem is, while you have been...

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High value and low cost marketing for your firm

Owning or working within a firm is much easier now than it was before the Internet. With digital marketing vehicles like blogs and social media, it’s cheaper than ever...

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Connecting with clients: how building relationships is a mutually beneficial experience

You may think that business is business — as long as it’s coming from somewhere it’s okay. Your sales are up, and that’s what really matters, isn’t it? Right?...

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Happiness and hazards

Happiness and hazards of staff engagement in social channels

Engaging in social media is perfectly natural for many of your staff. They are likely to already use it, personally and professionally, and have proficiency across multiple sites and...

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Technical experts

They’ll think I’m stupid

In meeting any expert, I immediately find that they clearly love what they do and, rightly so, are very proud of their accomplishments. Face-to-face, they make complete sense. They...

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Getting heard in a crowd

How are you going to get your thoughts heard?

Getting your ‘thoughts’ heard by your market is a crucial step to becoming a thought leader.  So plan to succeed this year by making a plan!  Start by setting...

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Marketing traps

It’s all about me – ego driven marketing traps

Unfortunately, egos are common in professional services.  With a lifetime spent gaining qualifications and achieving your annual professional development points, combined with writing papers, publishing research and presenting at...

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Testimonials that make you ‘cough’

My kids have introduced ‘coughing’ as a method of exclaiming disbelief.  It’s no normal cough; it’s an unpalatable one, usually masking a hidden word of scepticism (I’m sure the...

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